The ExVivos mission is to impact human disease through re-engineering the development of human drugs and medical devices.

ExVivos’ initial launch was coupled to the not yet initiated DARPA-NIH-FDA initiative to replace animal testing with the study of drugs’ effects on organs engineered from human cells. By convening representatives from 8 of the top 10 pharma companies, along with NIH and DARPA leadership, ExVivos conditioned the market for the innovators who would be engineering these organs in a laboratory – a project that also served as the inspiration for the corporate brand.

Recently, ExVivos engaged with a leading food company to establish its products utility for enhancing health. The project employs methods used routinely by the FDA to estimate the likelihood that specific diets could improve health, and the results will be presented to consumers and practitioners in a manner to enhance understanding and compliance with the dietary strategy – or strategies – proven to be most likely to be effective.

ExVivos is now conducting feasibility assessments for the development of its own medical products and expects to launch at least one program in 2015.